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OATP Publications

List of OATP series and recent publications on OA studies by the members of OATP.

OAA 1: The Aššur-nādā Archive, Mogens Trolle Larsen
OAAS 1: Old Assyrian Bibliography, Cécile Michel
OAAS 2: Zur Chronologie der Kaufmannsarchive aus der Schicht 2 des Karum Kanes, Guido Kryszat
OAAS 3: Anatolia and the Jazira during the Old Assyrian Period, ed. J.G. Dercksen
OAAS 4: Old Assyrian Studies in Memory of Paul Garelli, ed. C. Michel
AKT 5: The Archive of Kuliya, son of Ali-abum, by K. R. Veenhof
AKT6a: The Archive of the Salim-Assur Family Volume I: The First Two Generations, by Mogens Trolle Larsen
CNIP 38: A Historical Geography Of Anatolia In The Old Assyrian Colony Period, by Gojko Barjamovic