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OATP Meeting 2011

02. september 2011 kl. 10

Preliminary agenda:

  • Klaas Veenhof: Trade in Early Second Millennium Babylonia
  • Jan Gerrit Dercksen: Anatolia and the Consumption of the Old Assyrian Imports
  • Gojko Barjamovic: Anatolian History as reflected in the Old Assyrian Texts
  • Alessio Palmisano: Spatial and quantitative Approaches to the Political and Commercial Landscapes of the Old Assyrian Colony Period
  • Fikri Kulakoglu: News From Kültepe
  • Ed Stratford: The Organisation of the Old Assyrian Trade ...
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RAI 2011 Rome, Tradition and Innovation in the Ancient Near East

04. juli 2011

M. T. Larsen: Innovation and change in Old Assyrian society, Wednesday 6th July, 16:15  Læs mere

RAI 2010 - Time and History in the Ancient Near East

26. juli 2010

Theme: Time and History in the Ancient Near East Læs mere

OATP Meeting Spring 2010

23. april 2010

Symposium in Copenhagen Læs mere

7icaane London

12. april 2010

The 7th International Congress on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East
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