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7icaane London

Features of the congress

(see http://www.7icaane.org/ for details)

Five main themes

  • Mega-cities and Mega-sites
  • Ancient and modern issues in cultural heritage
  • Colour and light in architecture, art and material culture
  • The archaeology of consumption and disposal
  • Landscape, transport and communication

Sessions on:

  • Islamic Archaeology
  • Fieldwork
  • Posters

Ten Workshops

  • Textile production in the Ancient Near East (Neolithic Age – Bronze Age)
  • The Neolithisation of Iran: socio-cultural transformations
  • Transitions and boundaries: the Jordan Valley in the Late Bronze and Iron Ages
  • Human remains in the Ancient Near East: Advances, problems and potential
  • Near Eastern Lithic Assemblages in the Bronze Age
  • Archaeological Conservation in the Near East
  • Symbols of the Dead
  • Composition and manufacture of cuneiform tablets
  • Animal–plant interactions on the Iranian plateau and in southern Central Asia: using bioarchaeological methods in the reconstruction of agro–pastoral practices
  • Beads and Personal Ornaments in the Ancient Near East: Technologies, Styles, Social Significance