OATP Meeting 2011 – University of Copenhagen

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OATP Meeting 2011

Preliminary agenda:

  • Klaas Veenhof: Trade in Early Second Millennium Babylonia
  • Jan Gerrit Dercksen: Anatolia and the Consumption of the Old Assyrian Imports
  • Gojko Barjamovic: Anatolian History as reflected in the Old Assyrian Texts
  • Alessio Palmisano: Spatial and quantitative Approaches to the Political and Commercial Landscapes of the Old Assyrian Colony Period
  • Fikri Kulakoglu: News From Kültepe
  • Ed Stratford: The Organisation of the Old Assyrian Trade
  • Thomas Hertel: The Study of Old Assyrian Legal Practices
  • Bert Kouwenberg: Old Assyrian Grammar
  • Mogens Trolle Larsen The future of our collaboration