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Gojko Barjamovic

Co-director, CIF (http://cif.tors.ku.dk/), University of Copenhagen
Gojko Barjamovic is post-doctoral fellow in Assyriology at the University of Copenhagen and is specialized in ancient Mesopotamian history and languages with emphasis on political and social organization and identity. He is also associated with the Old Assyrian Text Project under the Carlsberg Foundation and the publication of texts from the site of Kültepe.

Contact information

 Research Center "Canon and Identity Formation" (CIF)
 Institute of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies
 University of Copenhagen
 Snorresgade 17-19, DK-2300, Copenhagen S
 Office 570 (5th floor)
 (+45) 353-28905 - direct
 (+45) 353-28900 - institute
 Email:  barjamovic @ hum.ku.dk