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Thomas Hertel

Post-doctoral fellow in Assyriology, University of Copenhagen
Thomas Hertel is currently engaged in the Old Assyrian Text Project with the research project "Social Networks and Development in the Old Assyrian Period". He acts as assyriological consultant at the Centre of Canon and Identity Formation, to be engaged as postdoctoral fellow at CIF autumn 2011. Thomas Hertel's research interests focus on social dynamics and developments, identity and the individual in society, law and legal practices, and canonisation of literature.
Contact information:

 Institute of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies
 University of Copenhagen
 Snorresgade 17-19, DK-2300, Copenhagen S
 Office 578 (5th floor)

 (+45) 353-29606 - direct
 (+45) 353-28900 - institute
 Email:  thertel @