OAA 1: The Aššur-nādā Archive, Mogens Trolle Larsen – University of Copenhagen

The Aššur-nādā Archive

(Old Assyrian Archives, Volume 1)
by Mogens Trolle Larsen

Publications de l'Institut historique-archeologique neerlandais de Stamboul - PIHANS 96
Nederlands Instituut voor het Nabije Oosten/Netherlands Institute for the Near East (NINO), 2002

This book is the first volume in a series of editions of Old Assyrian texts from Kultepe. The main aim of the project is to produce reliable and up-to-date editions consisting of transliterations, translations, an introduction and brief commentaries. Each volume will contain texts that can be said to reflect the activities of an Assyrian family and firm involved in the trade in Anatolia. It is also the intention to publish various aids to the study of the Old Assyrian texts: a general bibliography, a list of personal names, a prosopography and some studies on important topics. The present edition contains 176 texts that all reflect the activities of an Assyrian trader called Assur-nada, who had a house in Kanes in which there must have been an archive. He was the son of a certain Assur-idi, who lived in Assur, from where he directed the activities of a family firm. This latter person was the father and the boss who ran the firm with the aid of his three sons, Assur-nada, Ili-alum and Assur-taklaku.

NINO: OAA 1, PIHANS vol. 96