OAAS 4: Old Assyrian Studies in Memory of Paul Garelli, ed. C. Michel – University of Copenhagen

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Old Assyrian Studies in Memory of Paul Garelli

(Old Assyrian Archives Studies, Volume 4),
edited by Cecile Michel

Publications de l'Institut historique-archeologique neerlandais de Stamboul - PIHANS 112
Nederlands Instituut voor het Nabije Oosten/Netherlands Institute for the Near East (NINO), 2008

With this volume, the specialists of the Old Assyrian period wish to honor the memory of one of the founders of the discipline. For almost 50 years he devoted himself to the history of the Assyrians, especially to the merchants who organized long distance trade between Assur and Central Anatolia at the beginning of the second millenium BCE.
May this book, which pays tribute to his work, help to attract new generations of researchers to the field of Old Assyrian studies, where the documentation is so rich and so much work has still to be done.

Table of Contents for Old Assyrian Studies in Memory of Paul Garelli

Cécile Michel, Old Assyrian Bibliography of Paul Garelli
Catherine Garelli, Le souvenir de mon père 


Kutlu Emre, A Group of Metal Vessels from Kārum Kültepe/Kaneš 
Fikri Kulakoğlu, A Hittite God from Kültepe 
Stephen Lumsden , Material Culture and the Middle Ground in the Old Assyrian Colony Period 


Veysel Donbaz, The Archives of Eddin-Aššur son of Ahiaya
Ayşe Karaduman, A Letter to Ilī-Alum and Iddin-Aššur
Burkhart Kienast, Vier Altassyrische Texte
Mogens T. Larsen, Archives and Filing Systems at Kültepe 


Dominique Collon, Cappadocia and the Eastern Mediterranean
Karl Hecker, Wer war Tarâm-Mari? 


İrfan Albayrak, A rubā'um Letter Sent to Kārum Kaneš
Murat Çayır, Six Documents Containing Decisions by the City Assembly and Kārum Kaneš
Cahit Günbattı, A List of Eponyms from Kültepe (KEL D) 


Jan Gerrit Dercksen, Observations on Land Use and Agriculture in Kaneš
Bert Kouwenberg, The Old Assyrian Verb atawwum "to Speak" and Related Issues
Guido Kryszat, Bemerkungen zu kt 98/k 118 und den Texten aus den Grabungen des Jahres 1998 am Kültepe
Cécile Michel, Les Assyriens et les esprits de leurs morts
Klaas R. Veenhof, Communication in the Old Assyrian Trading Society by Caravans, Travelers and Messengers

NINO: OAAS 4, PIHANS vol. 112